Urban Circus Technology Services

Our services and technology are used for for accelerating development and decision making by creating continual shared understanding in pluralist environments. We partner with clients to bring enabling technology with professional services that transforms stakeholder relations and makes better places.

Visualisation  Output Examples:

We listen to understand your objectives. Then we develop fit-for-purpose solution/s in partnership to deliver real value.  Solutions are across an array of digital technologies to achieve the shared understanding your scenario requires. See more examples here.


Who uses our Technology?

Our clients are people who are managing stakeholders in dynamic environments. Stakeholders are internal and external; technical, political and communities. We transform our clients’ capability and capacity to do this task with technology and/or services. We make it simple. Our clients include city governments, transport agencies, airports, event managers, estate and campus managers.


Why Invest in 3D  Models?

Keeping people on the same page is one of the greatest modern challenges with so many disciplines and divisions. It is so easy for misunderstanding to occur which wastes time and money, allows distrust and even revolt to occur.  Our Integration processes create a quantum leap in your team’s performance by ensuring minds are aligned across stakeholders. Productivity soars as shared understanding becomes the norm.

  • virtual characters
    Everyone on the same page, all the time, guaranteed.
  • Integrated Transport
    Shared development of integrated, innovative and robust plans and methods.
  • Scheduling and 4D
    Save months on logistics planning. De-risk personnel management.
  • Property
    Masterplanning, approvals and promotions from the same workflow.
  • Consultation
    "From anxiety to applause". Transform the conversation. Create understanding.
  • Campuses
    Interactive 3D evidence-based decision making tool.
  • Alignments
    Accurate, contextual, parametric, click-and-drag development saves time.
  • Visual Impact
    Objective, measurable 3d clarity for every option and vantage in-motion or static in real-time.
  • Motorways
    Save months and millions in development, planning, management, engagement and demonstration.
  • Events
    Easy 3D layout testing and communication in exact context.
  • GoldLinQ Gold Coast Tram GCRT Urban CIrcus - SouthportShot
    Light Rail
    Test and demonstrate operational solutions in complex environments quickly.
  • Urban Design
    Win control of the situation to ensure great urban design integration and outcomes at every footstep with reduced time and effort.   Virtual...
  • Flooding and Inundation
    Simulate levels and scenarios in live accurate 3d models to reduce time and effort, communicate scenarios and inform decisions.   Testing flood inundation...
  • Induction
    Universal and instant understanding from operational scenarios to site knowledge.
  • APL Presentation and Engagement
    Engage and manage stakeholders with a fraction of the effort and time. Reduce project and communication risks. Attract attention when needed. Stop...
  • Urban Infill
    From "months to minutes". Create massing forms instantly. Drag-and-drop importing. Culture-changing.
  • Conceptioneer
    Live click-and-drag concept development in rich, accurate context.
  • Optioneering
    Prevent abortive detailing on flawed options across impacts.
  • Urban Renewal
    Take control to develop and demonstrate a rigorous built environment strategy for a precinct at a fraction of the time and...
  • BIM for Precincts (PIM)
    Interactive 3D visual interface management assures shared understandings.
  • Cycling
    Be the cyclist. Know the experience across conditions.


What Clients say about working with us:

“...you managed us brilliantly and made the process clear every step of the way. Thanks.” Director, Rail Regulation, State Government. “…the result was a transformational change in relationships.” Project Director, Department of Main Roads. “.. an excellent way to test and demonstrate concepts with much greater efficiency.” General Manager of Engineering Delivery. “…the live 3D interactive presentations were amazing, playing an essential role in designing, integrating and communicating the project.” Bid Director, $5b Infrastructure Project. “…a great team that allows us to bring our complex services to life. Creative and focused – a recipe for great outcomes.” Marketing Manager, International Engineering Agency. “…the model has been a real asset, helping people to get their head around the changes going on – some people have come back 2 or 3 times.” Communications Manager, Rail Infrastructure Project. “…this is a high value communication solution across infrastructure projects provided as a very professional service”. Director of Communications, Roads Agency. “…the team are excellent to work with. They really understand what is going on and add value.” Project Manager, Tier 1 Construction Co. “…they provided world-leading services for complex integrated projects..” Communications Director, Major Transport Bid. “…I have been very impressed with the way they carry out business with us. It has been a pleasure”. Project Director, Main Roads. “…I’m always impressed with their ability to turn around outputs. This helps us be responsive to community and media requests which is important when managing issues on major projects”. Communications Manager, Roads Agency. “… they really contributed to our winning design and provided great value support through the full process”. Bid Director, Major Civil Infrastructure Project. “…they actually revolutionised the way we communicated design solutions to the client, the community and investors.” Bid Director, $4bn urban civil project. “…this solution has reduced five meetings down to one across the board… we get to do our job now.” Project Managers, State Agency. “…they understand the infrastructure industry and use cutting edge technology to achieve outstanding results”. Project Director, Rail River Crossings. “…when it comes down to it, the Urban Circus team ‘get it’. They know what they’re doing, chase all the data, do all the legwork, bring everything together on time and produce great outcomes.” Communications Director, Transport Agency. “…they  produce a remarkable level of accuracy in a short space of time.” Director, Landscape Architecture Co. “…we had tried before with 3d impressions and graphics, but it was not until we were able to engage Urban Circus that we gained support of stakeholders”. Project Director, Grade Separation. “…not only responsive and met our critical deadlines, but provided additional value and service above and beyond my expectations.”  Urban Design Manager, Capital City Council. “…the team are responsive and client-centred, able to quickly understand the scope of the work required and provided a high quality product that exceeded our expectations”. Project Director, Department of Health. “…in my view, they are leaders in this new era of planning and design process.” Director of Planning, Capital City Council. “…they provide a great value service, backed by people that understand the built environment. And they deliver to their promised deadlines”Project Manager, Major Construction Company.

How Does It All Work?

Information on how and why, use cases, value propositions and outputs to drive value in your organisation and environment.

Who is Urban Circus?

We are creative professionals passionate about creating wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts. The genius locii, or spirit of place, of the urban Circus (ie Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus etc) represents the synergies we deliver across elements and stakeholders. Cities are the creative, cultural and commercial hub of civilisation and we are here to help get them right at every footstep.

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