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  • Brook Dixon
    Former Director - Smart City and Regulatory Reform
    ACT Government

    Our 3D City Model (CBR 3D), developed for ACT Government by Urban Circus is streamlining and enhancing planning and development outcomes, allowing real-time dialogue and planning adjustments to deliver better buildings, precincts and urban renewal.

  • Greg Akhurst
    Director - Simulation Governance
    Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre

    My experience with the UC was excellent. The team offered innovative products, professionally managed projects and delivered faster and at better value than similar projects with other firms. Highly recommended.

  • Elizabeth McIntosh
    Strategic Planning Manager - Victorian Planning Authority

    I had the privilege in working with Urban Circus on the Shrine of Remembrance Planning Strategy back in 2013. It remains my favourite and most challenging project. The expertise of Urban Circus was essential to visualise how the Shrine of Remembrance setting contributes to and enhances its significance.

  • Adam Azzopardi
    Principal Officer Design, Strategic Planning, EPSDD

    Urban Circus are great to deal with and highly responsive to issues. Their vision and energy is fantastic. They have deep understanding and curiosity in complex City Planning from strategic to statutory planning to major infrastructure – and even at this scale their technology works

  • Stephen Scott
    General Manager of Future Network Delivery - Sydney Trains

    A collaborative approach is essential, it’s a 2-way street. We love the creative ideas, quality of outputs, and most importantly the can-do attitude of the Urban Circus team. People are always asking me ‘who does your amazing animations’.  I unreservedly recommend Urban Circus to colleagues and others and pass on your contact details.

Urban Circus