Platform for Interactive 3D Planning




Return on Investment – across Industries and Issues:


  • virtual characters
    Everyone on the same page, all the time, guaranteed.
  • Integrated Transport
    Shared development of integrated, innovative and robust plans and...
  • Scheduling and 4D
    Save months on logistics planning. De-risk personnel management.
  • Property
    Masterplanning, approvals and promotions from the same workflow.
  • Consultation
    "From anxiety to applause". Transform the conversation. Create understanding.
  • Campuses
    Interactive 3D evidence-based decision making tool.
  • Rail
    Develop solutions, engage stakeholders and win approvals faster.
  • Alignments
    Accurate, contextual, parametric, click-and-drag development saves time.
  • Visual Impact
    Objective, measurable 3d clarity for every option and vantage...
  • Motorways
    Save months and millions in development, planning, management, engagement...
  • Events
    Easy 3D layout testing and communication in exact context.
  • GoldLinQ Gold Coast Tram GCRT Urban CIrcus - SouthportShot
    Light Rail
    Test and demonstrate operational solutions in complex environments quickly.
  • Urban Design
    Win control of the situation to ensure great urban...
  • Flooding and Inundation
    Simulate levels and scenarios in live accurate 3d models...
  • Induction
    Universal and instant understanding from operational scenarios to site...
  • APL Presentation and Engagement
    Engage and manage stakeholders with a fraction of the effort...
  • Urban Infill
    From "months to minutes". Create massing forms instantly. Drag-and-drop...
  • Conceptioneer
    Live click-and-drag concept development in rich, accurate context.
  • Optioneering
    Prevent abortive detailing on flawed options across impacts.
  • Urban Renewal
    Take control to develop and demonstrate a rigorous built...
  • BIM for Precincts (PIM)
    Interactive 3D visual interface management assures shared understandings.
  • Cycling
    Be the cyclist. Know the experience across conditions.




Professional, Creative Team with a Client Focus

  • Dr Ben Guy
  • Samantha Goddard
  • Ryan Veenstra
  • Dan Cain
  • James Barrow
  • Matthew Walker
  • Yash Bonno