7 Visual Tools Leaders Use to Respond to COVID-19

Those who lead from the front will rise to the top and thrive. Now, more than ever, leaders must communicate and engage with their audience to keep confidence as well as morale high. Leaders who act now, in these uncertain and unusual times, to connect with their audience will prosper.   

Here are 7 tools that great leaders are using to engage and inform their audience. This is how you can lead from the front.  

Visual Engagements 

During these times, it is critical to engage and inform your audience (staff, customers, stakeholders etc) through multiple media formats. People are confused and anxious due to endless news feeds and textual information. Our perceptive clients are already crafting their info-media packages and stories to engage their audience.

Visual Learning and Training   

What better time if there for education and training? Multimedia and interactive learning resources via phone apps, the web or through lightweight VR (Virtual Reality) headsets are a great way to skill up and keep motivation high during social-distancing measures. Virtual inductions, micro-skilling, familiarisation, refreshers or up-skilling are more accessible, powerful and pertinent than ever.

Ben Guy talking to the 7 tips from Home Isolation..

Visual & Virtual workshops 

Your staff need to be kept connected and mentally engaged. We also need to be preparing for the future upswing. Smart leaders are running visual creativity and strategy sessions supplemented with our visual workflows to develop concepts, designs and tactics to keep your organisation moving forward. Virtual Workshops are low cost, fun and productive.  

Visual Selling Online 

For leaders who rely on sales and engagement in-store or on-site, the conditions of sale have rapidly changed. Online visual and engagement tools are needed now.  We can deploy our visual online platforms with hundreds of interactive buttons that provide videos, multimedia, information and compelling content to keep your sales process running.  

3D Sales Engagement

For our 3D clients in the sales and engagement space – we are providing their 3D experiences to be accessible by all customers from their homes. Customers can dial in to a virtual facilitated tour. Our clients can now show the future and sell the dream better than ever.

3D Design Management 

For 3D clients in industries such as rail, infrastructure or development assessment, our 3D cities exponentially increase efficiency in collaborative work – especially to bring projects to market quicker (very much needed in a slump).  


Games are a great way to engage people with your work, young or old. Games can be educational or more info-tainment or a blend of both. If you are selling products, games tend to be fun. If you are training your audience – then gamification tends to be precise and quiz based.  

Organisational leaders that employ these tools and engage their audiences create trust and confidence. The costs of building these tools are vastly offset by the benefits they provide. Urban Circus is here to support you to be a great leader.  

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