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For over 15 years we have been delivering interactive digital technology that transforms the way people understand and engage with complex scenarios and information. We started with transforming urban planning into a 3D digital workflow and our Interactive Digital  Systems are embedded across cities and states. The quality of our solutions has seen demand rise and us expand across workflows – from training to operations, C-suite decisioning to safety, product sales to political engagement.

Ask us how Interactive Digital Technology can help transform your organisation’s systems and processes.

Our Vision


We love using technology to improve knowledge and knowing. We are masters at building and deploying high performance Interactive Digital Systems for complex technical scenarios – where engaged understanding becomes critical for important decisions and interactions.

Our vision is to help organisations, and society, evolve into the next phase of the information era – with higher levels of engaging with complex knowledge. Our systems bring complex information to life for direct, often immersive, interaction. People now comprehend more – deeper, easier and faster.   

In this blossoming digital information age, with astonishing computing power at our fingertips, and often too much information of dubious quality – our goal is to be part of the generational shift in knowledge engagement and management to build more wisdom and trust.


Our Brand

The Circus is an unusual, complex nodal intersection of spaces in urban form. It is a double entrendre with our founder, Dr Ben Guy, studying Oxford Circus in has PhD on urban systems, as well as a history as a fire eater and fire walker.

Our philosophy encapsulates ethical and sustainable behaviours and takes this further into a vision of a heightened Way of Knowing. Then, better decisions and deeper engagement are the result of every day.


A diverse range of disciplines, histories and cultures – from South African to Kiwi, Irish to Macedonian, Russian, Columbian, Machurian and even some Aussies! Urbanists, physicists, industrial designers, architects, engineers, creative technologists and plenty of hard-core nerdism. We are a professional organisation focused on culture with extremely high levels of internal engagement and commitment with a strong focus on pro-actively meeting our client’s needs. 

Our Team

Dr Ben Guy

Chief Executive Officer

James Barrow

Key Account Manager

Matt Walker

Head of Realtime

Ryan Veenstra

Head of Pipeline

Patrick Gavin

Head of Production

Dan Cain

Head of Sales

Matt Fletcher


Ivan Andreevski

Key Account Manager

Calum Prasser

Key Account Manager

Adrian Smith

Production Lead

Andriy Kardash

Production Lead

Vik Sylak

Production Lead

Solomon Goddard


Urban Circus