25 May 2017, Urban Circus

Don’t leave it on the shelf – leverage BIG data with a digital 3D City Model

We’re living in an age of technology where everything and everyone is connected.

BIG data is a commodity, and data mash-up for digital planning is transforming design quality and risk profiles. It’s a smarter way of doing the same thing, but accelerates productivity and provides certainty of outcome.

Think about it. Geospatial remote sensing data is delivered by the terabyte on a regular cycle, recording situational change. We’re talking rich, high quality, accurate 3D data from tens of hundreds of square kilometres.

The question is, how can we make this data sing? How can we use it to bring our projects, meetings and decisions to life in real-time?

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the asset planning, procurement, construction or operations phase, efficient interface management, certainty and getting people to work more effectively together are likely your primary project drivers.

We know how to leverage this data across multiple systems to continuously drive productivity, manage change and risk. It’s what we do – and we apply it across multiple industries.

But let’s talk more about the data

The scale and quality of data inflow is mind-blowing with the survey and sensor industry constantly developing its technology. When this data is brought to life, incredible value can be delivered every day, time and time again.

Let’s be honest though, massive datasets are hard to use on a daily basis. They can be clunky and often end up sitting in a cupboard, on a server or hard drive and are barely used or worse − get simplified for basic application.

For example, the challenge with a 10-points-per-square-metre LiDAR scan of 400 square kilometres, and the associated 60Gb of 0.06m resolution aerial is how to use and integrate the data to support collaboration and smart decision making – so you can avoid surprises, test and re-test, prove it up and refresh daily.

BIG data that runs fast and integrates with other information is more useful and drives real value. For example, the ACT Government is using its digital 3D City Model to enable its Smart City agenda, drive people productivity and transform city-changing projects. It’s an everyday management tool they are normalising as standard practice.

Let’s say goodbye to days of wasted time reviewing plans in isolation and say hello to instant results. Right from the concept phase you can use a bespoke 3D City Model to test, option up, test again and resolve issues on the spot, in real-time – that’s where we come in.

Click here to read some of our case studies and if you’d like more information please give us a call.


Author: Dr Ben Guy


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Don’t leave it on the shelf – leverage BIG data with a digital 3D City Model

We’re living in an age of technology where everything and everyone is connecte..

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