Engaged and Activated for Science: Millions March for a Common Purpose

The Challenge of Engaging People When we talk to political, organisational and project leaders – they often say that engaging and aligning people is some of the greatest challenges. People are o..

Digital Roads and the New Vehicles: A Traffic Engineers Dream.

How do we give power to Transport Engineers to improve our Safety and Efficiency on urban roads? We give them a new class of vehicles, with a digital Operating System they can set the maximum speeds, ..

Burn Digital Carbon, not real Carbon: 5 Interactive CO2 Reduction Examples

Save money, time and risk – and save the planet. That is the opportunity with Interactive Digital Systems deployed well. The CO2 issue is global problem #1. If you are not up to date with the sc..

‘Digital Twin’​ or ‘Digital Zombie’? 3 Tests for Digital Life and Inter-Activity…

For decades we, across society, have been representing scenarios with data. Databases and ‘digital’ (not analog) representations of ‘things’ (assets, processes) are not new. Maybe data represe..

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