Avoid the ‘Silo Effect’ and Create Collaborative Teams

An intriguing scenario of the evolution of digital music and how Sony, once leaders in their field, succumbed to the silo mentality which saw them overtaken by Apple. How? Gillian Tett’s influe..

3D City Models that Fast Track Development Approvals (Perth and Melbourne Examples)

Intelligent integration results in great places that inspire and engage model societies. There’s really no excuse for the long, drawn-out approval process or poor quality integration of people and p..

Story Telling is Enhanced with Compelling Visual Narratives

Even when the message is complex, the story doesn’t need to be. Al Gore rocked the world with ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ – a BIG story told through a simple collection of slides coupled with an i..

Don’t leave it on the shelf – leverage BIG data with a digital 3D City Model

We’re living in an age of technology where everything and everyone is connected. BIG data is a commodity, and data mash-up for digital planning is transforming design quality and risk profiles. It..

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