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Burn Digital Carbon, not real Carbon: 5 Interactive CO2 Reduction Examples

Save money, time and risk – and save the planet. That is the opportunity with Interactive Digital Systems deployed well. The CO2 issue is global problem #1. If you are not up to date with the sc..

‘Digital Twin’​ or ‘Digital Zombie’? 3 Tests for Digital Life and Inter-Activity…

For decades we, across society, have been representing scenarios with data. Databases and ‘digital’ (not analog) representations of ‘things’ (assets, processes) are not new. Maybe data represe..

Avoid the ‘Silo Effect’ with Better Collaboration using Interactive Digital Technology

The Silo Effect can cost your organisation millions of dollars. Deploying integrated interactive digital workflows has transformed many organisations into efficient, high performance systems. Here is ..

Interactive Digital City Planning: Transform the Development Process

Our Digital City Planning System is accelerating billions of dollars in investment into cities of all sizes. The system is creating ‘super’-city-planners and planning systems that accelera..

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