Story Telling is Enhanced with Interactive Visual Tools

Even when the message is complex, the story doesn’t need to be.

Al Gore rocked the world with ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ – a BIG story told through a simple collection of slides coupled with an intelligent, yet concise dialogue – it was compelling in its simplicity.

Communicating a complex message through a compelling story is exactly what we specialise in here at Urban Circus.

We’re in the vision business because we understand you want to get your message across without complicating the issues. You need to be able to share their messages in ways that are engaging and simple enough for everyone to understand quickly.

A good digital 3D model can simplify matters, but they aren’t always the best tool at your disposal. A more effective, and a whole lot less expensive visual communication tool is sometimes just simple lines on a map.

BIG story to tell – break it down

Complex data is hard to share outside of its technical domain. For example, Precinct Planning is a tricky subject to communicate at the best of times, and particularly in a way that is visually interesting and easy for your target audience to understand.

It is an art-form, but a good visual can demystify technical data without trivialising it – and when you get it right, an eloquent and clear message can be shared.

If you’d like to know more about compelling storytelling, contact us − we’d love to transform your complex messages.


Author: Dr Ben Guy



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