Perth 3D City Model, WA

Our 3D City Model (3D PER) successfully integrated an enormous volume of textures and geometry, transforming it into a more responsive, digitally accurate engineering environment. The City of Perth wa..

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Flinders Street Station, Melbourne 3D City Model

Flinders Street Railway Station is the oldest station in Australia and one of the most iconic architectural treasures in Melbourne in desperate need of a revamp. Key messages are more easily understoo..

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Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne 3D City Model

The Shrine of Remembrance holds a special place in the townscape of Melbourne as its vistas are protected and fan out for many kilometers, across multiple jurisdictions. Council and State planning c..

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Anzac Day Event Management, Gallipoli, Turkey

Managing large scale international events, such as the sacred Gallipoli Anzac Day Service on April 25 every year, is a complex affair. Urban Circus has proudly supported Gallipoli’s Event Managers, ..

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