Flinders Street Station, Melbourne 3D City Model

Urban Circus partnered with the Victorian Government for the digital planning of their International Design Competition using our 3D City Model technology.

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne 3D City Model

Flinders Street Railway Station is the oldest station in Australia and one of the most iconic architectural treasures in Melbourne in desperate need of a revamp. Key messages are more easily understood when visually communicated in a digital environment.

The Design Competition

In 2012, the Victorian Government launched an International Design Competition to rejuvenate and restore the iconic station.

With a $1 million prize attached, the competition garnered interest from around the globe concluding with 173 registrations and 118 submissions for the Stage 1 component of the competition.

The competition’s aim was to find the best ideas from around the world to re-energise the station and surrounds while addressing the transport function, heritage requirements and urban design and integration.

Our Solution

Urban Circus supplied a centimetre-accurate 3D digital base model of the main administration building and surrounds to both the Victorian Government and prospective entrants. This provided clear contextual details of the site that was both convenient and dimensionally accurate.

Using the 3D model created a level playing field for entrants, with all designers able to work from the same base information, saving time and money, but also keeping the focus on design innovation.

Data provided for the competition was software neutral and supplied in industry standard formats, allowing applicants to easily import our 3D model surface into their chosen program so they could be up and designing in minutes.

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