Sunshine Coast 3D City Model, QLD

The Sunshine Coast metropolitan area has been recognised as one of the world’s Smart21 as part of the Intelligent Community Forum network which recognises the Council’s adoption of technology and innovation for social betterment and economic growth.

Sunshine Coast 3D City Model, QLD

The Geospatial Sciences Department

“Our aim was to provide a low-cost, high-quality 3D visualisation capability that is readily available and easy to use for non-experts. We wanted to enable the visualisation of design concepts for our region to improve decision making processes.

Our 3D City Model (3D MCY) has an ‘Intelligent Traffic System’, with first and third person ‘follow’ navigation controls. Built into the system are ‘easy tools’ for sculpting transport and building concepts in real-time. It uses efficient workflows for rapid updates – with one click you can add objects, assets and characters for design. It provides powerful click-and-drag tools for rendering video by managing key frames, controlling camera path, live-previewing, and adjusting camera flow.

The outcome is the production of high quality animations and interactive displays that are ready to use by non-technical staff, including landscape architects, development assessment officers, transport planners, and urban planners. Ultimately, it improves the efficiency and transparency of communications for concept development, both internally and for community consultations.

The realism and accuracy of the display is great. Varying levels of detail can be viewed, from highly detailed streetscapes including trees, lights, seating, bins, to iconic buildings and infrastructure, such as bridges.

With a modest amount of training, subject matter experts within councils can work with the tools to rapidly develop concept designs to shape and communicate public and private environments. For example, the ‘Pro Mode’ selects vegetation and street furniture objects from a standard library, and starts placing these objects and characters. There are also tools for creating linear infrastructure, such as roads, railways and pathways. The tools are intuitive to use, with an ability to adjust individual sections of roads and pathways to improve alignments and understand how alignments interact with the terrain.

Working in partnership with Urban Circus, we continue to coordinate data management to improve the base model for the benefit of council and community.

In the past, 3D animation and fly-throughs were outsourced. Now we’re seeing a higher level of use internally of 3D MCY and the tools being applied to transport infrastructure design, transport planning, assessment of scenic amenity, tourism and retail trade planning.”

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