Anzac Day Event Management, Gallipoli, Turkey

Anzac Day Event Management, Gallipoli, Turkey

Managing large scale international events, such as the sacred Gallipoli Anzac Day Service on April 25 every year, is a complex affair. Urban Circus has proudly supported Gallipoli’s Event Managers, Definitive Events, since 2010.

The stakeholder engagement process to negotiate the placement of stands, the location of VIPs and VVIPs and their support personnel, and discussions across multiple national bureaucracies in multiple languages can lead to a lengthy decision making process.

Our Client’s Story

“Finding solutions for numerous government departments can sometimes involve trial and error until the solution is established.

The Urban Circus 3D City Model enables us to present multiple scenarios in site planning and infrastructure placement so we can present a visual and scaled solution for consideration. The Model is an excellent presentation tool as well.

Previously we were spending hours drawing alternatives which was a complete waste of time when the solutions were not accepted.

When you are managing thousands of people in a difficult outdoor environment, under the scrutiny of the media, there just isn’t any room for mistakes − planning is everything. On-site we manage a large team of contractors who need accurate plans to deliver their area of expertise efficiently and accurately.

Risk Management is everything in the Gallipoli environment. Our 3D City Model assists us in two key areas;

  1. The ability to clearly illustrate the effects on crowd movement by the installation of specialised infrastructure is invaluable. The ability to quickly and effectively demonstrate alternative site designs allows our client to make informed decisions.
  2. Contingency measures to manage potential risks to attendees, like cold weather and rain or traffic issues, are now designed into the site via the software and used to brief management staff.

The government can now sign off on risk management contingencies with the utmost confidence.”

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