Canberra 3D City Model, ACT

The ACT Government has a bold Smart City agenda, and is setting new benchmarks in digital transformation, and the Urban Circus 3D City Model is supporting inter-departmental cultural transformation.

Boasting Australia’s largest free Wi-Fi network, international Smart City partnerships and nation-leading intelligent street lighting upgrades, Canberra is realising the great promise of the Smart City movement. The Canberra 3D City Model (3D CBR), developed by Urban Circus, continues to play a critical role in achieving this vision.

The issues of trust, engagement and disenfranchisement between government, industry and community are more real than ever. 3D CBR is not just a tool to drive open and intelligent conversation as it’s creating shared understanding and building a culture of trust.

3D CBR is streamlining and enhancing planning and development outcomes – providing advice for the assessment of development applications, particularly in relation to urban design, shadow and height analysis. The ACT Government uses its 3D City Model to present proposals to key stakeholders and interested parties to provide clarity and understanding, in real-time.

The model is available to proponents, consultancies and the community to reflect the ACT Government’s commitment to put people at the centre of its Smart City Program. 3D CBR allows decision makers to see plans from a human perspective, and is modernising the community engagement process by bringing development proposals to life and allowing broader, more active citizen consultation.

For the ACT Government, the ultimate objective of being a Smart City is to empower its citizens to build a more creative, innovative, productive, liveable, and resilient city. 3D CBR, developed by Urban Circus in partnership with the ACT Government, is central to Canberra’s Smart City journey.

The ACT Government has taken an innovative, sophisticated platform and normalised it as ‘smart standard practice’.

The ACT Government Fact Sheet is provided here for more information on this project.


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