Gold Coast 3D City Model, QLD

Urban Circus has been supporting the Gold Coast City transformation since 2006 – including the internationally recognised vision of the integrated light rail system.

Gold Coast 3D City Model, QLD

The Gold Coast City Plan represents a major shift from city fringe development to the redevelopment of urban centres and key inner city neighbourhoods. This will enable the city to create many exciting economic and lifestyle opportunities, whilst protecting its unique character and local environment.

The City developed a 3D City Vision model to promote this new thinking which needed to be clearly articulated and understood by internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, the 3D model served as an ongoing planning tool to support more efficient decision making and development and to optimise Council spend.

The 3D model is also used to promote other city infrastructure projects, including the light rail and the developments associated with the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The ability to clearly demonstrate the integration of each element and its potential impact is a major benefit for urban design analysis, ensuring the best outcomes for the city’s urban environment.

Technical Development

The City had previously invested in geospatial and 3D data, including LiDAR information, aerial photography, 3D buildings, transport designs, and more. Urban Circus integrated this data into one responsive, high-performing 3D City Model, making it accessible for use across multiple projects and scenario planning.

The 3D City Model is published and available to Council staff for use at their convenience. High quality videos and images can be captured from the model for use in promotions and technical demonstrations. In particularly, the model supports urban design and planning (statutory and strategic), and other departments to promote and manage the city’s growth objectives.

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