Sydney Trains – Visual Communications Program

Sydney Trains – Visual Communications Program

Interview with Stephen Scott – General Manager of Future Network Delivery, Sydney Trains

What was the driver for using our services?
Communication is key – from our front-line staff all the way to government agencies, executive directors, and senior government decision makers.

We’re currently undertaking very detailed, complex planning work for the future of Sydney Trains. Reports and diagrams weren’t enough. To help people better understand and appreciate what we’re wanting to achieve meant we needed creative, professional outputs to communicate complex information fast.

What are the likely impacts of getting it wrong?
As has happened too often in other rail organisations, failure to plan can cost the government in lost customer journeys, reputation and confidence. The work we’re planning for is the busiest station in the biggest city in Australia – we simply can’t afford to fail.

And when you get it right?
This type of front foot engagement reduces stress and increases confidence. The videos Urban Circus has developed are a hugely helpful communication tool – one video helped us secure $200 million for a project. We’re now working on another one to ensure the level of confidence we’ve earned to date in our planning and execution continues.

What benefits have you and your team realised?
Using the videos has reduced the number and length of meetings my team need to attend – now people just get it. Add to that the increased confidence from shared understanding across the organisation. When we use the Urban Circus videos for our live test events we are greatly reducing our risk of failure.

Why Urban Circus?
A collaborative approach is essential, it’s a two-way street. We love the creative ideas, quality of outputs, and most importantly the can-do attitude of the Urban Circus team.

People are always asking me, ‘Who does your amazing animations?’ I unreservedly recommend Urban Circus to anyone.

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