3D Modelling 3D Modelling

Create shared understanding of complex scenarios in the real world with a digital 3D model in a virtual world.

Our 3D modelling services have been helping clients and stakeholders collaborate to make complex decisions, develop integrated solutions, and communicate in complex environments for over a decade.

Working together, using our processes and technology will help you to deliver a quality output, on time, every time.

Data Processing

Your project or city-precinct may already have oodles of great data that we can convert, optimise and publish into a 3D City Model. Data might include LiDAR, aerial photography, 3D & 2D buildings and footprints, GIS and CAD layers of utilities, photomesh from drones or choppers, and satellite-derived or feature-survey data.

We’ve built data processing pipelines to convert these data and more, into city-scale high performance 3D models. For example, photomesh with aerial LiDAR or LiDAR with aerial photography and cadastre all make excellent baseline models that can be delivered quickly.

The benefit is a low cost, high speed outcome because we re-use existing information. Published within our 3D City Model, this becomes an agile, high performance tool to help you drive collaboration and solve project challenges.

3D Environment Modelling

When you need high quality visibility to drive shared understanding for in-context scenario planning – from the street corner, to a multi-level metro rail asset with utilities, buildings and traffic – then you need a quality 3D environment powered by a high performance digital 3D City Model.

We are experienced in developing and validating integrated 3D environment models. We deliver to survey data accuracy including LiDAR or feature survey, with verifiable overlays. 3D environment models are produced to the level of detail ( LoDs) that you specify.

Urban Circus environment modelling is a highly proficient, well-honed process and will deliver exactly what you want quickly. We are trusted to build 3D environment models for the most complex engineering projects in the world within tight deadlines. Our models are elegant, precise and multi-format.

3D Design Modelling

Typical development projects have disaggregated and difficult to understand technical design information that changes often, and fast. These layers provide important context that stakeholders need to be able to understand easily.

We convert thousands of files, drawings and formats into one integrated high performance end-to-end 3D City Model – from concept, detailed design to construction– from event management to rail alignments.

Integration Management

Disaggregated design at the discipline and/or option level can make it difficult for stakeholders to see and understand the whole story. Integrating BIM and 3D CAD design adds context to facilitate detailed discussions and understanding of impacts and integrations.

Urban Circus are specialist design and environment integration modellers – especially with optioneering. We work closely with you and your team to facilitate the process, the data and the digital environment and design models.

We have extensive experience managing design integration for multi-project, citywide, cross-agency scenarios simultaneously integrated into a high performance, easy to use 3D model that will help your team collaborate for shared understanding.


3D Model Publication

If only the technical experts can access these incredible assets, you may be limiting the value of your investment. Whether the models offer environment context, or include design elements – making them available in one easy-to-use digital environment is a must. 3D modelling software is not pretty and not easy to use – these remain in the domain of the technical experts.

Urban Circus 3D modelling is geo-referenced and built in industry standard formats for publication to multiple software, from Google Earth to ArcGIS and game platforms. The majority of our bespoke models are published to our high performance platform for ease of use in optioneering tasks, and to facilitate in-depth conversations in real-time.

Concept Modelling

When you need to develop new concepts, test alignments, assess gross floor areas and yields, gradients and curvatures and sightlines, you don’t have to wait months or spend major dollars.

Our georeferenced 3D City Model offers you the power to create and test concepts linked to engineering and numerical standards – you’ll see instantly the design in its contextual environment.

Moving to an agile, digital 3D model approach will save you time and costs, and ensure all stakeholders remain informed and engaged throughout the project.

Using the Urban Circus 3D City Model from the concept phase of your project is the fastest approach to successful project delivery – you can problem solve in a fraction of the time, then iterate towards more detailed design through to construction and maintenance and management.

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