Facilitation Facilitation

Secure your project and your reputation through transparency and shared understanding. Promote collaboration, commitment and conclusive decision making internally and externally.

Urban Circus leverages 3D tools and disciplined digital and management expertise to empower your business to achieve collaboration and deliver clarity and shared understanding to reduce project risk.

Urban Circus’ Facilitation Services can be applied at multiple stages across the life of your projects and assets.

Integrated Development – Build the Future

The optioneering process can be onerous, disaggregated and overly technical. Developing an engineering concept or design that integrates with the existing environment is an expensive and lengthy process if you follow conventional methodologies.  

Urban Circus offers a simple solution to directly test your concepts in 3D and in real-time. You can place and adjust realistic forms and objects in an accurate geographic context as if you were manipulating the world in real-time. You can test dozens of scenarios quickly and openly in group meetings for informed and easy conversations.

Our approach, using 3D models, visualisations and tools saves you dozens of meetings and keeps everyone on the same page at every step of the development journey.


Collaboration – Get People to Work Together

Breaking down silos between departments, disciplines, sectors, and project teams can present an overwhelming challenge.

Working in silos can be costly in terms of wasted effort, decreased project speed and budget overruns, and even staff retention as people become frustrated with the inefficiencies.

Our solution facilitates ongoing collaboration resulting in greater clarity and shared understanding. Our process and tools drive visualisation and agile decision making. This saves time as fewer meetings are needed, issues and omissions are detected early and major oversights avoided.

Decisions – Made Faster and With Confidence

Key decision makers are fabulously busy – it’s essential they’re given a clear and comprehensive picture quickly.

Making it easy for decision makers to see, understand, review and decide can prevent your project from sitting in limbo for months, or even years.

Using 3D models, visualisations and tools will accelerate the decision-making process – we simplify and clarify the situation to understand the potential impacts, spatially and temporally. We often work inside the cabinet room with ministers and premiers to support complex, and sometimes, controversial decisions.

Engage your Audience – Help Them See

Different things matter to different people – engaging with busy people can be hard. How do you help them to see your vision, and ensure they feel heard?

The messaging about your project needs to be timed well and delivered succinctly because disinterested or disenfranchised stakeholders can negatively impact your budget, project and reputation.

Our solutions are tried and tested. Our processes, visual outputs and skilled people will facilitate the telling of your story, however technical or nuanced, to your audience. We’ll spend the time understanding your situation, information and target audience(s) to advise on the right process, outputs and tools to get your message heard – whether your audience is just one person or millions of people.

Some of the tools at your disposal are our 3D City Models, iMaps, videos and augmented reality. They’ll give you the power to proactively deliver your messages and drive private or public conversations.

Logistical Planning and Management – The Dress Rehearsal

Managing and planning major construction projects, operational deployments, outdoor events, traffic redirection or parades can be a logistical nightmare as the scale, elements and number of stakeholders increase.

Any uncertainties and assumptions can have major consequences for your budget and timelines, and affect safety.

Our tools integrate information from ground surveys, drones and/or engineering to demonstrate how each piece fits together at the level of detail and reliability you need.

This gives you the power to build and test complex scenarios in real-time in a real-world context. Working collaboratively with your team you can quickly test each option, visualise the solution and manage the execution. It’s like a dress rehearsal for the real deal.


Bid Review – Compare Apples with Apples

Reviewing and deciding between competing proposals for major projects can become arduous and expensive. Analysing how each proposal integrates beyond its own footprint, and how it compares at a human level is also challenging.  

Multiply this across many proposals, interfaces and stakeholder groups and the complexity is significantly compounded.

Our comprehensive solution makes life easier by using 3D visual workflows to make a comparison review much simpler. From day 1, we can support or directly manage information flows, securely for ‘both sides’, while mindful of probity and confidentiality constraints, to empower each review and decision making party to work independently with quality, easy-to-understand information.

The outcome is a confident and defensible decision.

Urban Circus