Visualisation Visualisation

Visualise complex information in the blink of an eye. Facilitate in-depth discussion with stakeholders and ensure everyone’s on the same page, all the time.

We transform complex technical information and nuanced messages into accurate, clear communication. Our expertise includes motion graphics, rendering, 3D modelling, editing, video capture by drones and helicopters as well as technical and software development.

Communicate with clarity and engage audiences to create understanding, build trust and deliver with certainty of outcome.

Fly-though, Drive-though, Walk-through Videos – See How it is

A fly-through, drive-through or walk through video enables you to demonstrate how your projects’ layout and logistics ‘fit’ together in context, potentially saving you thousands of hours explaining the details.

With the Urban Circus 3D model as your starting point, camera paths are created to best demonstrate how project elements integrate and impact. Our innovative 3D technology and workflows result in increased responsiveness for your business – saving you time and costs.

Story Videos – The Power of the Message

Conveying your company’s unique message requires an audio-visual product that tells your story.

After determining your key messages, we create an animatic which communicates your compelling story and captivates your audience.

Story videos have the power to change hearts and minds as your powerful message travels across the world, receiving millions of views, likes and shares on social media. The results can be transformational to your project, organisation and community.

Still Images and Renders – a Picture is Worth 1000 Words

The power of a picture should never be underestimated. Using our digital models, we capture hundreds of 3D images to your exact specifications at a moment’s notice so you can quickly deliver clarity to stakeholders.

Our outputs include photomontages and high definition renders, before/afters and other 3D visualisations.

360, Panoramic Virtual Reality – Immerse Audiences

Our 360-degree panoramas provide an innovative solution when project visibility is essential as they are easy to use and deliver a sensational experience.

360 images can be rendered for viewing with ‘virtual reality’ devices like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, VIVE or others and your own smart device. Alternatively, they can be directly embedded in webpages.

Virtual and Augmented Reality – Overlay the Digital on the Physical

Plans and drawings can be brought to life in order to transform the conversation.

Virtual and Augmented Reality takes audiences on a tour by transferring your 3D model content into an App that provides stereo vision (2 eyes), to provide a more modern ‘immersive experience’ and a user interface that delivers exactly what you need. Using HoloLens, tablets and phones, we bring your information to life.

Treat your audience to an engaging 3D experience which clarifies information and facilitates understanding.

iMaps – the Interactive Map Experience

An iMap is an intuitive, customised and engaging user experience that allows stakeholders to navigate project elements in their own time, on any digital device.

Our interactive map solution ensures multiple layers of information can be easily communicated. iMaps offer the highest versatility in content – integrating maps, images, videos, documents and sound effects to create a non-linear graphical map experience.


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