25 May 2017, Urban Circus

Urban Circus 3D City Models fast-tracking planning in Perth and Melbourne

Leveraging 3D technology during the development planning process is improving information integration and transforming the conversation around property development approvals.

Perth and Melbourne are two capital cities where a comprehensive 3D City Model has been in place for a couple of years, resulting in streamlining the planning process with excellent outcomes. However, a 3D model with its graphical representation is just one part of the puzzle.

Many regulatory authorities lack comprehensive, integrated project status visibility – around the volume of permits, proposals, and those under construction. This information is often stored in disparate formats (prints, PDFs) and locations (cabinets, hard drives) known to different personnel, increasing corporate risk. Bringing this information together into one integrated 3D model environment improves project visibility – you can see this demonstrated in the Perth City development profile.

Smarter conversations, faster…

There’s a lot more to it because a conversation about a proposed development is usually localised to the site and its immediate surrounds, the likely impacts, and opportunities that may result. But there’s a lot of invisible context, including any surrounding area permits and approvals that may already exist. Integrating this type of information into an accurate 3D model environment reduces the complexity of the conversation, across myriad factors. The result is more intelligent, responsive conversations over a much shorter period, and ultimately faster approvals.

It’s no coincidence that Melbourne, after implementing its Urban Circus 3D City Model in 2007, has experienced a significant rise in development activity while. Perth is entering a new growth phase.  Both capital cities are growing rapidly and continue to receive media exposure with their 3D City Model which visually demonstrate the development activity currently underway, or in planning, in and around their city.

People at the heart

The environments where we live, work and play affect our spirit and behaviour. New developments, be they roads, bridges, walkways or buildings, aren’t islands as they contribute to the overall picture. It is imperative to have everyone on the same page at the same time, with full visibility at the critical decision points. Integrating a 3D City Model, straight from the concept phase of the asset lifecycle, delivers context and clarity. This type of transparency builds trust – between the proponent, regulator, design input professionals, stakeholders and the community. The greater the transparency, the more seamlessly your project can be delivered, with less change and reduced cost.

Intelligent integration results in great places that inspire and engage model societies. At Urban Circus, we’re on a mission to improve the quality of cities and urban space. There’s really no excuse for the long, drawn-out approval process or poor quality integration of people and place. It’s up to us as leaders in the built environment to ensure new developments create the spaces that instill the behaviours we desire from civil societies – ones that bring people together, keep them safe, healthy and happy.

If you’d like more information on how you can leverage 3D technology, please, give us a call.


Author: Dr Ben Guy

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